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T Bar J Ranch

1/4 Beef

1/4 Beef

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Sale Deposits Opening February 29

All Naturally raised,  Hormone and Antibiotic Free.

Approximately 100# of assorted beef cuts,  Sizzling steaks, fall-apart roasts and the best ground beef ever for your spaghetti, meatloaf or tacos.  Grilling burgers, pots of chili, shredded beef sandwiches, rib eyes off the grill, oh the possibilities.  And it is all in your freezer, right from the ranch.  No need to worry where your beef has been or been through.

What you Get:  25% steaks, 35% savory cuts and roasts, and 40% premium ground beef.

100% satisfaction guaranteed  and FREE DELIVERY!

Also included:  Free Honey For Life from our bees.

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