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T Bar J Ranch

1/8 Beef Available Now

1/8 Beef Available Now

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All Naturally raised,  share of the herd. Hormone and Antibiotic Free.

You can be enjoying the best bar-b-qs in your backyard, celebrating a birthday or family get together.  Taking great beef camping with you, hamburgers for the 4th of July.

All in your freezer ready when you are.

We have 1 share available now.  Don't wait, we expect them to go quickly.

 50# of assorted beef cuts,  Sizzling steaks, fall-apart roasts and the best ground beef ever for your spaghetti, meatloaf or tacos.  How about hamburgers on the grill or making shish-ka-bobs  with some sirloin steak and vegetables of your choice.  Can't you smell that cooking?  

What you Get:  25% steaks, 35% savory cuts and roasts, and 40% premium ground beef. 

Ribeyes, New Yorks, Tenderloins, T-Bones, Sirloin Tips, Sirloin, Flank, Skirt, Tri-Tip, Flat Iron Steak.  Chuck Roast, Sirloin Tip Roast, Rump Roast, Heel Roast, Arm Roast, Stew Meat, Brisket, Our Signature Ground Beef an 85/15 blend.  All at your fingertips, with no walking through the grocery store, wondering where did that come from, how was that animal treated?  Was it implanted with hormones to make it grow faster?  Was it ever sick?

You need locally sourced to feed yourself and your family so you can sleep at night.

100% satisfaction guaranteed.

We deliver to your door! Free

Free Honey from our bees on the ranch.

Free Recipes.

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Delicious and Nutritious Beef

  • Family Beef Planner coming soon.
  • You need more or less? 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, and whole beef are available.
  • A nice relief from the grocery store having all this in your kitchen.
  • Clean healthy meat delivered to your door from a local ranch family.
  • Processed at a USDA facility that is family owned and we have worked with for over 35 years.
  • Honey included from the bees on our alfalfa fields all summer.
  • Bones and organs available if you want to make soup broth, use them for dog food, or just like having liver and onions.
  • Dry Aged 14 days. Beef that is free from antibiotics and growth hormones and everything else. This is natural beef that makes such a delicious meal every time.


Highest Quality Premium Steaks: 25% of top notch steaks including, NY Strips, Ribeyes, Filet Mignons, Sirloin Tips, Top Sirloins, T-Bones, Tenderloins, Tri-Tip, Flank or Skirt steak, WOW !

A New Standard of Ground Beef, 40% of the best Ground Beef you've ever had. Perfect for Burgers, Tacos, Meatloaf, you name it...Packed in convenient 1 lb packages. This is our signature 85/15 Ground Beef blend.

Crowd Pleasing Cuts: 35% of Savory Cuts perfect for the family or party time! Roasts, 3-4# and the right size for a crock pot, Stew Meat in convenient 1 lb packages, we have Fajita Meat in 1 lb packages, and one of the following "special cuts" Brisket, Back Ribs or Short Ribs

    We have purchased quality tasting beef from T Bar J Ranch for over 30
    years.  Their product has never disappointed.  Quality production and a
    great rapport with a local packing plant guarantees a happy customer
    every year.  We can honestly and eagerly recommend
    beef from this producer.  Thank you Amber and Al.
    Joy Thurner

Did You Have Questions?

What is All Natural Beef and How is it Raised?

Our cows and calves graze most all year long. Walking and eating on the open range. Wouldn't you be healthier than in a dirt feedlot? We wean our calves right across the fence from their mothers and add a developer pellet, made with grain and molasses, to replace the milk. The calves finish growing on grass hay and pellets.

Raised on the same acres where they were born, eating the same grass, drinking the same water. We Do Not implant them with hormones to make them grow faster, and we Do Not feed them anything with antibiotics to keep them from getting sick. That is what All Natural means.

Are Your Animals Treated Humanely?

Absolutely! Our animals remain under our care their entire lives. Spending their days with "friends and family" around, eating grass at will and exercising, plenty of fresh air and sunshine, living a low-stress natural life. We have been BQA certified for over 30 years.

What does BQA Certified mean?

BQA is short for Beef Quality Assurance. Because we have a long-standing commitment of caring for our animals and serving families with the safest, highest-quality beef possible, we have gone through this training to meet the standards set by the U.S. Beef Industry. For over 30 years we have been learning the best techniques to manage cattle to take care of them and our environment. Being BQA Certified is an important designation for T Bar J Ranch.

What Breed of Cattle do you Raise?

We Cross-breed Black Angus with Gelbvieh. Angus is a breed noted for tenderness and marbling. Gelbvieh is a breed that came from Germany. It is a versatile breed noted for muscle, longevity and it's maternal traits. We have great- grandmothers still producing wonderful calves. They are docile and calm and raise a chunk of a calf. We also benefit from "hybrid vigor" by crossbreeding, which means extra growth by the animals themselves without hormones.

How much Beef do you get with Each Share?

These are average amounts, your's might vary one way or the other a bit.

1/8 = 50 lbs, 1/4 = 100 lbs,

1/2 = 200 lbs, whole beef = 400 lbs

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