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T Bar J Ranch

A Month of Family Dinners Bundle

A Month of Family Dinners Bundle

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Sale Deposits Opening February 29

Spaghetti night Monday, Taco Tuesday, Sunday Dinner roast,  Friday night steaks on the grill, best Bar B Q on the block Saturday, Wednesday slow cooked round steak with mashed potatoes and gravy.  How about Chili for the tailgate party?  13# of naturally raised beef and it tastes so good. 

What do you get?

2# premium steaks: like Rib Eye, Tenderloin, T-bone, Filet Mignon

3# steaks like:  Sirloin, Top Round, Flat Iron, Skirt, Tri Tip

3# Roast like: Chuck, Shoulder, Sirloin Tip, Round, Rump

5# Premium Ground Beef

Dinner made easy with no shopping.

You will have it all here in this 13# bundle box.

Delivered right to your door along with our world famous honey.

And it will fit right in your kitchen refrigerator/freezer, no large freezer required.

As always your satisfaction is guaranteed 100%.

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